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“It’s important to understand that the quality difference about leather often depends on the layers of the material,” says Jessica Hanna, co-founder of the online store World Chic.

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Today we’re featuring Jessica Hanna, CEO & Co-Founder of World Chic. World Chic is your one-stop shop to bring you global fashion, without having to travel! I had the opportunity to ask Jessica 5 questions and here is what she had to say…”


“Jessica Hanna is the CEO & Co-Founder of World Chic, a global fashion brand, bringing top cultural trends and exclusive items to your closet from designers around the world. NYGal was lucky to be able to talk with Jessica about her inspiration for World Chic, and the process in which it took her to get there…”


Holding what once came from other places and held that country’s soul is one of life’s little joys that not everyone can experience, and this is why co-founders Jessica Hanna and Andrew Marks established World Chic. World Chic is an online shop that brings cultural trends and top fashion items right to its customers’ doorsteps…”

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World Chic has traveled the world to hand-select sustainable luxury fashions that are must-haves for those with an eye for detail and exceptional quality. Jet set from the comfort of home and bring a little international flair to your holidays. Mix and match from different collections to create a style all your own…”


“A company called World Chic puts together hand-selected collections made by artisans from all over the world, allowing people to shop by country this holiday season…”



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