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Jessica Hanna is the founder and CEO of World Chic, an international fashion empire bringing cultural fashion from around the world online. For those who can’t travel, Jessica became the first to introduce the concept of shopping by “Country Collection”, giving her customers a chance to visit and shop different countries virtually. She brings the craftsmanship alive by highlighting all of the artisans and designers she comes across and displays complete transparency about the brands and products she hunts for and discovers.

She is also a partner at World Creative, a brand building and growth hacking agency that helps small businesses discover their niche, grow and scale.

Additionally, she runs a traveler’s guide and blog, World Travelers Society which highlights her travels bringing more insight into her trips and experiences to future travelers looking to learn more about the world.

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My World is Your World. Meaning…Everything that is being built under The World’s Collective and all of it’s family brands and experiences are for all of you! Happy to have you here.

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For the travel lovers and wanderlusts.

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For my foodie lovers!

Jessica Nicole Hanna

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