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The World’s Collective is the home to all of the “WORLD” brands and businesses designed by Jessica Hanna. Here, you’ll find different things to experience between fashion, travel, wealth building, entrepreneurship and so much more. 

Experiences built to bring you closer to becoming the best version of YOU.

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World Chic

Sustainable Luxury Fashion Based on Culture and Travel.

You get an experience unlike any other. Instead of having to pay for that expensive flight across the globe for that one-of-a-kind shopping experience that may not be practical right now, we’ve done the hunting for you. We’ve searched for those small boutiques in Italy with no online presence but a rich history full of craftsmanship and art all wrapped into the perfect Italian leather bag. We found that major and top of the line manufacturer in all things wool because, well, they are in Iceland and they have mastered warmth! We’ve brought those knitwear sweaters all the way from Ireland that you’re always searching for to get you through the long winter months but can never find the best quality of. That’s because they started in Ireland and remain on top there! With intricate knits of the finest wool making a sweater of both beauty and warmth. The list goes on and on.

Artisan made pieces with decades of craftamanship paired with the culture behind the country. Discover your next special piece.


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Iceland Collection

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World Chic Collection

The Community

The World’s Collective

A digital place to learn, grow and up-level your life from serial entrepreneurs and digital nomads.

You’re in the right place if you love expanding, being a part of a community and being a conscious participant in the world. We are strong believers that you can have more than one love and passion in your lifetime. Hence, why we have several different communities that represent our loves of life and our places we love to learn and spark discussions / provide resources. 

Our Communities

Currently Live

World Collective

The Collective Community is a conscious collaborative community looking to heal, up-level and reach their highest vibe selves. Get daily inspiration and monthly resources to elevate yourself and look within to heal the “muck”. Manifest your dream life, get meditation resources to raise your vibration, learn new ways to expand your energy and so much more.

World Visionary Investors

The Visionary Investor Community is home to Stock Market Millionaire –  The first membership designed exclusively for the modern visionary investor to build the foundations of a stock portfolio that grows your wealth. Our step-by-step mini-trainings, models and templates take you from never having invested to buying your first stock. 

Brand Building & Growth hacking

World Creative

Originally a web design agency, we’ve quickly transitioned into the digital marketing landscape.


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For The Travel Lovers

World Travelers Society

Extend your bucket list, build connections arond the world.

We Deliver

World Travelers Society

For The Foodies

World Palate

Build your Palate


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The World's Collective

A network of thriving communities.

World Chic

Global and cultural susainable luxury fashion.

World Creative

Brand Building and Growth Hacking. Build Your Wealth Through Visionary Investing.

World Travelers Society

For the travel lovers and wanderlusts.

World Palate

For my foodie lovers!

Jessica Nicole Hanna

Welcome. Stay a while. Take a tour around. See what sparks your interest. Reach out and let me know what you’re excited about!